Technological Experience


Fiber Optics

Specifications and Bid Analysis for the selection of SONET / SDH / DWDM / Optical Amplifier for broadband digital transmission systems (Competitive Access Provider, International Voice Carrier, Cable Company)

Negotiations of SONET/SDH bandwidth services with US and European carriers

Elaboration of a method to locate the longitudinal position of a fiber break based on optical time domain reflectometry

Video and Multimedia

Development of a high-quality low-latency IP-based videoconferencing system

Setting-up of a very wideband network for multipoint videoconferencing. Technical and financial design.

Design of an asymmetrical video network for interactive distance learning for the State of Maryland. Preparation of the response to the State RFQ

Design of CATV and interactive video networks based on the SONET / SDH technology

Design of a multimedia network architecture including broadcast, telephony and video-on-demand services. Analysis of technologies such as ADSL, CATV, HFC, FTTC, FTTH, MMDS, etc.

Design of an interactive multimedia network using fiber distribution to the home and the business. Study of video servers. Costs analysis

CATV and Fiber-to-the-Home Bid to Telecom Australia through a consortium involving EDS, HP and Australian corporations.

Recommendations, specifications and economic justification of videoconferencing systems.

Video Coding

Research in vector quantization and hybrid vector-uniform coding applied to videoconferencing

Video-related coding: H.261, H.320, T.120, MPEG, ADPCM

Voice and Data

Architecture of a high performance inter-university network (IP, GigaEthernet)

Responsible for the engineering portion of a feasibility study RFQ for the merging of the 15 separate data networks of the Quebec Government into one integrated and highly reliable network based on OSI standards

Optimisation of a 19-PBX voice network. Identification of potential savings and of systems upgrade costs. Business case. Investigation of new networking functions and their implementation costs (ISDN Signalling Link - ISL)

Responsible for a Cabling strategy project that recommended wiring standards for the buildings occupied by the Departments of the Quebec Government. Definition of technical orientations and proposition of a management framework identifying the responsibilities of all parties involved in the design, procurement, and operation of cabling systems


Analysis and selection of circuit-, packet- and cell (ATM) switching systems for backbone networks and for digital cross-connection (DXC)

Applications and Others

Project manager for the architecture of a messaging system based on an interactive coaxial cable infrastructure. Definition of the addressing scheme and delivery mechanism to roaming users. Functional analysis and business plan

Responsible for the definition of the architecture of the 50 000 workstations of the French Post office

Recommendations on organizational and managerial aspects of various data networks