giga.Com works very closely with

  • partners with a rich and complementary experience,
  • service providers who contribute to the excellence of its own services,
  • companies whose development is of personal interest for its President,
  • professional and para-professional associations.

    Consultation Benoît Marcoux Inc.

    Since 1994, CBMI has conducted nearly 100 consulting mandates in high technology. We worked with 40 clients in North America and overseas to implement the actions necessary for financing and to achieve growth and profitability. These mandates include 20 due diligence studies for investors. We also consulted for corporate clients on financial plans, market studies, and technology cases, and we completed interim management mandates. We combine cutting-edge analytical and modeling capabilities with a broad understanding of the high tech industry, including application software, realtime software, ASPs, cable TV, video on demand, IP telephony, international carriers, IXCs, CLECs, wireless, security systems, and multimedia


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    Coach-Visions assists enterprises and their personnel in establishing their priorities and objectives. Coach-Visions offers a tool kit for the auto-assessment and for the planning and follow-up of the required actions. The tool kit also facilitates the managment of time and of interpersonal relationships. Coach-Visions places much emphasis on efficient and rewarding communications.